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Friday, 16 December 2016

Update Status Words Stuff


Update Status Words Stuff

Update Status Words Stuff
Short brief status for fb status updates cool and Alay really make loyal companions course, I try to give an example here, the following is the most Alay words for my facebook status bunch of funny or romantic status also, called alkaline TEREN aly in sa 'at this, now hope for a loyal friend with a piece of slang words this example it would be a infirasi, just ok in detail below:

Update Status Words Stuff

Caution LOH! that until loe not coment, one word from me for loe, TOO buanget LOH ...

Unfortunately, tomorrow, tomorrow when watching kebioskop do not wear skirts yes, I was not ever the same focus bias in the film that already. MIND SO KEEP NGERS TAU!

Beautiful, UGLY and still single monggo comentnya huh? Which Mahong gituh, LIKE wrote.

HEDEW ... Thus if so ugly people, every OL in FB status is definitely quiet. What can I say, already the fate of X.

It is strictly forbidden to comment on this status. Just accept the LIKE

Category boyfriend girlfriend understanding is that it knows, what their partner wants if being alone lonely place.

My love and loyalty is directly proportional to the thickness of your wallet.

I want you to understand the meaning of this love. A love that I never give to anyone, other than a OHH my love for you my dear ♥ ...

LO does not really cool !. Our future decisions just because among us there are fart, then no one wants to admit ga, obviously you farted. You selfish really does. BAU jengkol TAU!

If you want the status of the ga Up Date must often, just 2 x wrote a 3 menit.WKWKWK ...

Love and loyalty is directly proportional to the thickness of the wallet YOU dear!. ♣

Dear? ... Let the incident last night became fondest memories in our lives, hopefully we can repeat the event next On the night-night. Suffice this incident you and I are tahu.⊗ COMPANY CONFIDENTIAL ...

I just know a beautiful girl and the girl turns ugly it turns out equally headache.

I apologize if I've been too make you upset, and I'm sorry if I never make you happy like them.

If someday you getting fed up with it, remember when you fall up to pursue his love. ♥♥♥
Update Status Words Stuff

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