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          HES Group Successfully Issued New Corporate Logo

          發布時間 : 2021-05-18

          New Positioning New Appreance New Development

          HES Group Issued New Corporate Logo

          On May 18th 2021, HES Group grandly convenes a news conference for issuing a new logo with the theme of Brilliance Shining on us Wisdom Creating the Future. The president of HES group Mr. Dai Baolin, director and executive director Mr. He Hongchao, director and executive president Mr. Hou Chunhui, director and general manager of smart metro region department Mr. Dai Congqi, director and CFO Mr. Wen Guoping, head managers from other departments, outstanding staff representatives, industry media and guests attended the conference together.



          New Positioning of HES Group

          In the conference, an interactive video named How Do You Think of Our Logo was played at first. Then HES president Mr. Dai Baolin delivered his speech. He notes that HES group has been dedicated to promote technological development and create more intelligent ecological environment. Over the 21 years of its history, HES group has been expanding with intelligent technology as its core strength. Our business scope grew from lighting engineering at the beginning to an integrated business system incorporating smart lighting, smart cultural tourism, smart metro region and HAO platform. This future-oriented positioning is an important measure to upgrade operation strategies and will create a new innovative engine to promote the development of HES group.



          HES group president Mr. Dai Baolin delivered his speech in the press conference


          HES group president Mr. Dai Baolin, senior managers and employee representatives stepped on stage together and removed the red silk covering the brand-new logo. This marked the official launch of HES group’s business logo which also indicates that HES operation strategy has entered a new phase.


          Official Launch of HES Business logo



          LOGO Design


          Red color is China’s cultural totem and spiritual harbor, containing jubilant and auspicious connotation. HES modulated the shade of red, representing China red, Brand red and HES red. It’s a symbol that HES will enjoy a smooth and flourishing development. It also reflects that HES team is vibrant and tightly united. It manifests that HES group holds great social responsibilities of promoting technology development and creating a smart ecological environment. New logo is not only enriched with Chinese culture but also easy to identify internationally.


           Logo Lighting up Ceremony


          H is like a bridge with firm piers representing that our company has solid foundation. The six rays of light across the bridge means that everything will progress smoothly. It emphasizes HES’s main business and its bright future. This bridge also implies beautiful wishes that HES will expand its business worldwide.

          The two pillars of the bridge resemble two people shaking hands. It’s the handshaking between company and employees. It’s also the handshaking between companies and clients. It’s a vivid portrayal of our company core values of mutual entrustment and commitment.



          The design of E and S together is like a telescope which enables the company to see clearly and far away. E and S also resemble the Chinese character “口”meaning mouth in English, symbolizing HES will win universal praise.


          New Development


          The birth of HES group’s new logo can be attributed not only to the collective wisdom of our staff, but also to the profound connotation of HES corporate culture, marking that HES group has entered into a new development stage. The new logo will take a big role in promoting corporate image, shaping corporate culture and enhancing brand popularity because it conforms to the strategy of New background, New Situation and New Operation and manifests our determination to build an internationally competitive brand.



          Issue "HES Exclusive Honor card"


          We should pursue technological development on a daily basis because vitality lies in advancement. The new upgrading of HES logo marks that HES group initiated a new journey and started a new chapter. As an enterprise with a history as long as 21 years, HES stays true to its founding mission, always put clients in the first place. We utilize technology to drive development and leads the future while our smart construction development repays the society. In 21st century, with the rapid development of artificial intelligence, HES will hold high the flag of technology, keep up the momentum and present a brand-new company image in front of the public. The launch of the new logo is only a beginning of HES group’s brand strategy upgrading journey. HES firmly believes that wisdom creates a bright future. And in this bright future, HES will definitely create even more splendid performances and utilize wisdom to promote better development for cities!