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          HES Group Participates in Winter Olympics, National Snowmobile and Sleigh Center

          發布時間 : 2021-01-19

          On January 18th,2021, state leaders inspected the preparatory works of 2022 Winter Olympics and Winter Paralympics in Beijing. In National Snowmobile and Sleigh Center and National Alpine Ski Center, they inspected and learned about venues construction and athletes’ preparations.


          The General Secretary Inspected National Snowmobile and Sleigh Center in Yanqing District.

          The incoming Winter Olympics is an important opportunity to show our national image and raise up the national spirit. The state leaders note during their on-site inspection that it’s not easy for us to gain this opportunity to host the Beijing Winter Olympics and Winter Paralympics. It highly complies with the “two centenary goals”. At the important historic juncture, China solemnly promise that we will organize a spectacular, extraordinary Olympic games and present a satisfactory report to both Chinese people and the international community.



          The General Secretary Inspects National Mobiles and Sleigh Project in Yanqing District.

          On December 29th, 2020, the construction of Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics Yanqing competition zone was completed. Winter Olympic venues are glittering among which the most attractive one is National Snowmobile and Sleigh Center. It’s dubbed as the “Formula 1 World Championship” of snow sports. From a distance, it is like a winding dragon lying on the ridge of Xiaohaituo mountain in Beijing Yanqing district. All competitions of bobsleigh, skeleton and luge will be held here. This is the first track as long as 1935 meters for bobsleigh and luge.16 curves with different angles and slopes are set on the track among which the 11th is the unique 360 degree rotary curve. Athletes pushes the bobsleigh and luge down the ice track with top speed over 130 kilometers per hour. Every slope and curve of the track matters in terms of competition and safety.  The National bobsleigh and luge center venue is the most difficult one to design, construct and accredit. In the middle of November 2020, the International Olympic Committee announced on its official website that the bobsleigh and luge center venue is successfully accredited. The industry association and relevant experts commends this is an excellent track.


          The National bobsleigh and luge center is the second key winter Olympics construction project HES undertook while the first one is the smart lighting project for Shougang Ski Jumping center. As a technological innovative enterprise, HES group participated in the construction of International sports venues many times. This “Smart Winter Olympics” national key project not only verifies the strength of HES in the field of smart innovation application, but also reflects HES group practices social responsibility to contribute to national development and construction.

          In the construction work of the Winter Olympic games, HES group will fully leverage our advantages to implement the philosophy of Technical Winter Olympics and Smart Olympics. HES will apply smart technologies to the winter Olympics, meeting all aspects of technical needs.


          A nation is powerful when its physical education is powerful. A nation’s fortune is prosperous when its physical education is prosperous. The year of 2022 is the time juncture when the first centenary goal will be achieved. The general secretary of the CPC communist party notes that Beijing Winter Olympics is a significant symbolic event happening at the critical historic crossroad in the development of our country presenting an important opportunity to show national image, promote our country’s development, and raise up national spirit. He stresses that we should integrate sports cause into the grand blueprint of the “two centenary goals”.


          In 2022, Beijing winter Olympics is about to unveil which signifies a brassy sound of trumpet in the journey of realizing Chinese dream. HES team will always strive to pursue our common dreams. Looking forward to a spectacular 2020 Winter Olympics!

          本文圖片來源:新華網  新華視點微博 / 央視時政