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          Follow the General Secretary’s Footprints and Take a Close Look at the National Ski Jumping Center

          發布時間 : 2021-01-22

          In the midwinter, the north China enjoys an azure blue sky. The mountain in the distance is covered with silver snow while there is an exhilarated and passionate crowd in the competition zone of Zhangjiakou city, Hebei province.

          After the general secretary of the Communist Party of China Central Committee and his team inspected the winter Olympic competition zone in Yanqing district, Beijing on January 18th, they came to the competition zone of Zhangjiakou district, Hebei province to investigate the National Ski Jumping Center and National Winter Biathlon Center. They paid a visit to athletes, coaches, and representatives of operation teams and construction staff. The general secretary highly values all work of Beijing Olympic Winter Games and Paralympic Winter Games. This is the third time that the general secretary inspected the preparatory work of the Olympic Winter Games on site after his first 2 visits in 2017 and 2019 respectively. 


          The general secretary learns about athelets' training

          The general secretary steps onto the winding corridor of the top floor of the National Ski Jumping Center and listened to an overcall introduction about the construction of Zhangjiakou competition zone. General secretary Xi Jinping overlooked the overall view of the ancient poplar venue groups in Zhangjiakou competition zone. Then His Excellency inspected the training situation of ski jumping athletes.


          The general secretary steps onto the top corridor of the National Ski Jumping Center


          The general secretary inspects the training demonstration of ski jumping athelets

          The National Ski Jumping Center nicknamed Snow Ruyi is China’s first venue for ski jumping sport with an altitude of 1771 meters and ground area of 62 hectares. The National Ski Jumping Center Snow Ruyi is the most eye-catching one among 2020 Olympic Winter Games venues. The design of the main structure is inspired by the shape of a “Ruyi”, a traditional Chinese ornament symbolizing good luck. The unique architecture is shaped like a cloud displaying distinctive charm of Chinese style. The passionate and energetic ski jumping sport adds mysterious color to it. The construction engineering technology of “Snow Ruyi” is of the most sophisticated among all sports venues in Zhangjiakou competition zone.


          On December 12th, 2020, HES group added another work to its Olympic Winter Games project series-we won the bid of smart lighting system and smart night sightseeing operation system for National Ski Jumping Center. A series of projects from Shougang Ski Jumping Platform, National Snowmobile and Sleigh Center, to National Ski Jumping Center, produces strong connections between HES group and the Winter Olympics, signifying that HES has successfully joined in the first phalanx in the top-level design of the Winter Olympics, and it has empowered HES to make a major breakthrough in smart operation field.


          HES group fully exerted our smart technology advantage. According to the architectural features of “Snow Ruyi”, our lighting system is designed to enhance the visual appeal of “Ruyi”under the guiding principle of optimization, enhancing, reinforcement and refinement”. As a result, our lighting system fully demonstrates the cultural confidence and connotation of “Pure Snow, Passionate Gathering”. 



          On the morning of January 20th,2021, the general secretary hosted a preparatory work report meeting for Beijing 2022 Olympic and Paralympic winter games and delivered an important speech. His excellency emphasizes that the Beijing Olympic and  Paralympic winter games venue construction integrated many Chinese elements, manifesting our cultural confidence and it is a significant symbolic event in the initial stage of the fourteenth five-year planning. The general secretary points out we should fully grasp the significant meaning of Beijing Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games, implementing the principles of green Olympics, sharing Olympics, Open Olympics and honest and self-disciplined Olympics throughout the whole preparatory process. 



          本文圖片來源:新華網 / 新華視點微博 / 央視時政