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          HES Group Won the Bid of “Nanjing Financial City Second Phase”—the Tallest In-construction Building in Nanjing

          發布時間 : 2021-03-26

          Recently, HES group once again won the bid for a super high-rise building over 416.6 meters in Nanjing-Nanjing Financial City (second phase) east district smart lighting project! It is not only the tallest building in the last five years in China tendering and bidding public market but also the highest in-construction building in Nanjing in terms of main structure, further enhancing the HES Group’s status of No.1 market share in super high-rise buildings lighting projects and No.1 building lighting brand. This project enabled HES group to achieve leapfrog development in the field of super high-rise building smart lighting which gives us more confidence and determination to develop smart lighting business.




          Ancient capital of six dynasties-As the province capital, the Global Financial Centers Index(GFCI) of Nanjing ranks No.9 in China. The economy will keep a good momentum of steady growth. In this beautiful Jinling city, a glorious pearl-Nanjing Financial City second phase east district is thriving  alongside Nanjing Youth Olympic Center.

          微信圖片_20210317102144(1) (2).jpg

          Nanjing Financial center second phase is located at the converging area of Hexi CBD axis and Qingao axis. The north of it reaches Jinsahjiang East street, the south of it reaches Jiangshan Avenue,with its west to Jiangdong road and east to Lushan road. The location is at the core area of Hexi CBD, 300 meters from the first phase. The ground area of second phase is 65000 square meters. Among its 5 towers, the main tower C1 is 416.6 meters high,tower C3 is 195.7 meters high.


          As an extension of the first phase, the second phase will continue to integrate the existing and incoming various financial institutions, financial elements market and intermediary service institutions. With premium financial resources fully gathered, it is not only a high land for financial innovative development, but also a core function carrier for Nanjing pan-Yangtze delta region financial center, positioning as an international landmark for financial enterprises.

          微信圖片_20210317102150(1) (2).jpg

          The design of Nanjing Financial City second phase is distinctive. A green landscape axis extends from north to south, dividing the second phase base into 2 parts. The external design of the architecture is smooth and majestic, presenting a beautiful skyline for the city. Compared to the first phase, the business type of the second phase is more diversified. Aside from business office, it will also introduce high-starred hotel, sightseeing, service-oriented apartments and high-end businesses. Its top floor has multiple functions such as viewing platform, entertainment, catering and sightseeing, etc. It’ll definitely become a modern landmark skyscraper complex in Nanjing city. It’ll further integrate financial elements in the region and promote high-quality development of Nanjing financial industry as a superior service platform. It aims to become a new high land and “Financial Silicon Valley” for financial reform and development of Jiangsu Province while becoming a new engine for the transformation and upgrading for the financial industry in Jiangsu province.

          Nanjing Financial City second phase project not only reflects the recognition and trust of the real estate owner institution towards HES group, but also represents an important advancement in HES’s smart city construction plan of Nanjing city. At present, 8 out of the Top 10 internet companies are located in Jianye district. Yangtze river delta digital economy highland is basically formed in this area. The digital economy development of JIanye district is injecting digital power for the transformation and upgrading of Nanjing city which helps to build a good industry pattern of digital economy + headquarters economy. Smart technology is the backbone force in the new infrastructure development of China, HES group is proactively participating in various national new infrastructure projects. We help to promote the smart upgrading of each sectors and contribute to construct smart cities through innovative research and development of smart technologies.